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The house of couture Sandrine Philippe - a veritablecreative laboratory, an atelier that stands apart by its collections with atypical aesthetics and alsoby unexpected installations - mixing fashion, art, music and dance. Disconnected from the rhythm and the frenzy of fashion week, through a bracket of virtuosity which reconnects both design and artisan,gradually attracting with the accesses of an unreal and poetic world. The brand proposes its craft and creations through hand work within its Parisian workshop, which should be described as a laboratory.eachpiece of product that one discovers there is carriedout with an exact precision and knowledge to envelopthe world of Sandrine Philippe. She makes her underground mark as it is, conveyed through a strong identity, straightout of a German expressionnist film, within the international darkline universe. After her fashion design studies, she worked as creative for Popy Moreni and Courrèges, before creating her firstwomen’s collection in 1996. As a gallery of evolution, immobile and a living showcase, witness of a vision of the world, the relationship between reason and madness, symbol of a collective memory. Sandrine Philippe widened her creative proposals adding in 2008,the mens collection in the search for a new aesthetics mixing sensible comfort and poetry. A mysterious dive within the man, allowing him to reveal his animal side as animate mimicry thus giving birth to strange creatures with feathers or shellshisprecious side by the adornment of costumes and overcoats. Brutality as well as an alchemy between these two aspects of the human being, highlighting its need for protection.










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